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At Healthigo, our goal is simple - to provide the best healthcare discovery experience for patients and care seekers by connecting them to doctors, healthcare providers, pharmacies, health and wellness centers, health food and supplements availability, and to insurance providers!

Healthigo strongly believes in inclusion and empowerment of those who touch our lives everyday – our family, friends, colleagues and community. We do this at an individually personalized level and on an enterprise scale, keeping our end-goal in mind - to build a healthier, happier and more productive society.

Come, let us live better and healthier lives together.



Hospitals, be it streamlining doctors’ schedules and time allocation or optimizing resources to maximize revenues, we have the perfect solution for you!

Gain the ability to schedule & reschedule doctor appointments, manage doctor schedules, pre-approve patient’s insurance coverage and more, all from one intelligent dashboard.

View patient engagements and collaborate on feedback and ratings. Share your success stories and build on your reputation. Enhance patient experience.

  • Setup your detailed custom profile
  • Add packages – health, medical tourism, other
  • View and manage appointments
  • Share success stories with community
  • View insights against key KPIs
  • Easily integrate with your existing systems
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Now you can gain greater visibility on patient searches! Not just that, we also help your clinic function to its optimal ability with our advanced appointment management system.

Managing patient visit records and doctor schedules, doctor’s appointments and much more are all at your fingertips!

Get onboard with Healthigo to start making well-informed decisions in order to optimize your resources & enhance overall cost effectiveness.

  • Setup your facility profile
  • Add packages – health, wellness, others
  • Manage doctor schedules and appointments
  • Engage through content
  • View Insights against key KPIs
  • Standalone or integration options
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With Healthigo, reap the benefits of being a part of a larger community that connects patients, doctors, nurses and other experts alike!

Stay in touch with the latest updates in your field and contribute your own expertise to gain followers and build reputation!

Join us and be part of a holistic patient engagement platform aimed at making a bigger difference to your patients and community!

  • Setup your detailed personal profile
  • View consultation schedules and history
  • View patient health profile before visit
  • Secure, in-visit access to patient health records
  • Contribute articles and videos
  • Collaborate and build industry network
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Gain insights into insured member’s health and healthcare visit patterns, lifestyle management, wellness adherance and fitness scores – reduce costs and offer rewards through reduced premiums to the deserving!

Promote new products and services to targeted individuals, families and communities. Increase reach while lowering costs.

Host programs with government bodies, volunteers and NGOs to build a better and healthier community.

With Healthigo, the possibilities are endless!

  • Setup detailed profile with products and packages
  • View, act upon statistics individual and corporate
  • Reward health and wellness adherence
  • Drive community health and wellness programs
  • Benchmark and offer better packages
  • Setup your health and private wellness network
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Offer great service experience and gain visibility by targeting potential customers while they are at a clinic near you!

Increase response speeds to prescribed medicine and OTC product requests. Retain and grow customer base by engaging offline at our Healthigo community and corporate events.

Healthigo allows your pharmacy to have a wider reach while also providing features to ensure patient engagement, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness!

  • Setup your detailed business profile
  • Target and respond to requests instantly
  • Offer deliver, track and get paid online
  • Reach out to patients in your locality
  • Gain visibility into OTC product movements
  • Promote new products to target audiences
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Now Laboratories and Test Labs can gain higher visibility by accessing customers looking for services, provide in-time communication and instant response.

Promote unique services like home sample collection and link reports directly to patient, clinic, and doctor. You can also set up recurring campaigns for follow-up tests and more.

Gain higher referrals from clinics and doctors in your vicinity by offering an efficient and speedy response.

  • Setup your services profile
  • Access and respond to requests instantly
  • Test sample pick-up, track and communicate
  • Reach out to new and existing patients
  • Promote related packages over time
  • Gain visibility into key health metrics
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Healthigo believes ellness should serve as an integrated healthcare solution directed at bettering the health of both patients and care seekers.

To help fight increasing health issues faced by society, Healthigo collaborates with fitness and wellness centers, coaches and trainers to inculcate lifestyle changes and drive a healthier tomorrow.

Come and be part of Healthigo and make a bigger difference to society, while benefitting your bottom-line too!

  • Setup your business profile
  • Book and Manage appointments
  • Drive engagement campaigns
  • Participate in corporate and community programs
  • Recommend programs and track adherence
  • Showcase through articles and videos
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Patients & Care Seekers

Offering high flexibility, security and privacy, you can not only discover and book an appointment, but also keep abreast with health and wellness articles, latest medical developments.

You can also manage your family’s health – while at home, traveling or during emergencies.

We believe in being patient and care-seeker centric. The Healthigo app on Apple and Android devices is the only go-to-health app you will ever need.

  • Personalized search – insurance, network and plan
  • Search by Name, Location, Insurance, specialty
  • Global and Quick Search around you
  • Map and List Views
  • Book Appointments, instantly
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Self and family health profile
  • Pre-visit and in-visit profile share
  • Community – volunteering, ratings and feedback
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Corporate Enterprises

Healthigo, with it’s partners in the wellness ecosystem helps drive higher productivity by addressing key aspects of employee health and well being.

From enabling fast and easy insurance coverage based healthcare provider search, instant appointment booking, employee and family health management to health news and emergency response; Healthigo empowers your employees to lead healthier lives.

Our corporate dashboard gives not just a wholistic view of employee health but also gives a wide choice of providers, packages and insurance – thereby reducing costs and building your profitability.

  • Onboard employees and let them create profiles.
  • Set personalized and team goals.
  • Wide range of health and wellness programs.
  • Enable doctor visits and tele-medicine consultations.
  • Link emergency response to HR or Admin.
  • Drive CSR programs through partnered NGOs.
  • Gain visibility into employee health and patterns.
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Government & NGO's

Healthigo, in partnership with various government bodies and NGOs enable community focused activities and response mechanisms to benefit patients, care seekers and the community.

From enabling volunteers during personal health and national emergencies, helping tie-in corporate participation, to creating awareness of schemes and programs, Healthigo provides a platform that truly links different segments of society.

All this with a common goal – to help build an aware, healthy community and a strong, forward-looking nation.

Join us in our movement and build a better tomorrow!

  • Create organization profiles, add programs
  • Reach out to communities on initiatives
  • Drive cpmmunity participation programs
  • Build and engage in corporate participation
  • Get population feedback, improve effectiveness
  • Gain valuable insights into population health, patterns and predict future trends
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Book Appointment

Search and book an appointment with specialist and doctors by Procedure, Speciality, Location, Insurance and Ratings.


Health Profile

Securely manage your and your family’s personal medical profiles; use when needed and in an emergency.


Reminders & Alerts

Personalized triggers for medicines, top-ups, related health, wellness alerts and escalation.


Community Building

Build and contribute to your community, get help and participate during emergencies.


Knowledge & Lifestyle

Gain knowledge on health topics, share experiences, procure medicines, health foods and supplements, join wellness and fitness programs.


Access 100s of Health & Wellness Deals & Offers!



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